Building and Restoration Products

Wood Restoration & Maintenance

LiquidWood® penetrates and hardens deteriorated wood, restoring its strength and function. WoodEpox® structural adhesive paste can be used in any thickness to fill wood and replace missing sections of wood. Selections include stripper, preservatives, and accessories.

Concrete Repair & Maintenance

When permanent bonding and structural strength matter, Abatron’s products meet the most demanding requirements. Their applications include patching, bonding, crack repair, structural crack-injection and bonding new and old concrete. Selections include all the accessories to get the job done right.

Metal Restoration
Adhesives and repair compounds filled with aluminum, steel, and stainless-steel in a variety of viscosities.

Moldmaking and Casting

Formulated from non-toxic polyurethane for flexibility and making molds in situ. Choose from a variety of casting compounds. Also rigid epoxy for making molds, patterns and prototypes. Abatron will even make your castings for you.

Patina Finishes
Create instant antiques with reactive and non-reactive metallic paints and patina aging solutions.

Plaster/Stucco Restoration
Hard to find items for invisible repairs.

Adhesives & Sealants

A wide selection of high-performance adhesives. Choose fast hardening, waterborne, flexible and all-purpose.

Protective Coatings
Waterborne, solventborne and 100% epoxy solids for protection against even the harshest elements. Also see our Coatings Selection Guide.

Garage Floor Coatings
Garage floor coatings for beauty and protection.

Porcelain Refinishing
Epoxy enamel and polyurethane porcelain refinishing kits.

Stone Care
Cleaners, polishes, sealers, honing and poultice powders to protect and restore the beauty of natural stone.

General Maintenance Products
Rust remover and tar-epoxy compound.

Abatron’s Wood Restoration System has been used in restoring many Historic Sites. Click here for a list.

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