Abocast 4-4™

Makes Rigid Molds and Castings. 

Uses: A versatile, machinable compound for making rigid poured molds and casting patterns of any size into the same mold or other molds. Well-suited to make molds for: reproduction, vacuum-forming, patterns, fixtures, tooling, urethane foam molds, prototypes, and engraving.  Available with various hardeners for all purposes.

Features and Benefits: Abocast 4-4 reproduces precision detail. Best choice for rigid molds and castings. Hardening is exothermic (heat generating) and accelerated by heat, therefore large castings harden fast. Easy to proportion. Can be machined with common metalworking tools.

Technical Characteristics: Metal-filled, two component epoxy compound. Hardens in 8-48 hours at room temperature or in 2-4 hours at 176° F – 230° F (80-110° C).

1 Gallon
3.8 Gallon


Typical Test Results
Compressive Strength 878   86,19 12,500
Flexural Strength 506   49,64 7,200
Tensile Strength 365 35,85 5,200
Elongation 3.6%

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