Abocast 4-4™

Makes Rigid Molds and Castings. 

Uses: A versitle, machinable compound for making rigid poured molds and casting patterns of any size into the same mold or other molds. Well-suited to make molds for: reproduction, vacuum-forming, patterns, fixtures, tooling, urethane foam molds, prototypes, and engraving.  Available with various hardeners for all purposes.

Features and Benefits: Abocast 4-4 reproduces precision detail. Best choice for rigid molds and castings. Hardening is exothermic (heat generating) and accelerated by heat, therefore large castings harden fast. Easy to proportion. Can be machined with common metalworking tools.

Technical Characteristics: Metal-filled, two component epoxy compound. Hardens in 8-48 hours at room temperature or in 2-4 hours at 176° F – 230° F (80-110° C).

1 Gallon
3.8 Gallon


Typical Test Results
Compressive Strength 878   86,19 12,500
Flexural Strength 506   49,64 7,200
Tensile Strength 365 35,85 5,200
Elongation 3.6%

Customer Questions & Answers

  1. Q Hi; I had purchased your two gallon Mastermold 12-3 product some years ago and was pleased with the result. I am planning to make another mold of faux stone pieces and would like to make a rigid mold and saw your Abocast 4-4 product. Is there a video of the process involved in making a mold with Abocast? Thanks.
    Answered by the admin

    No, I'm sorry.

  2. Q My sliding patio door's bottom track has a vinyl cladding over a "manufactured wood" substrate to take the weight of the door rollers. Due to a water leak the substrate has rotted and the track collapses somewhat when the door slides - with the result that the door won't latch. What I would like to do is pack your Abocast 4-4 into the vinyl "shell" to support the door's weight when I put the track back down. Because the slider is flanked by stationary windows, I cannot completely remove the track, so I must pack the Abocast up into the vinyl extrusion. It appears that there no problem regarding compression strength, but is it thick enough to stay in place while I pack it in? (which hardener should I use?) Or... is there a better choice of product? Thanks.
    Answered by the admin

    Please call our technical department at 800-445-1754 to discuss your project.

  3. Q Will this product withstand 350 degrees and 20,000 pounds of pressure? Our process involves vulcanization of organic rubber that requires these parameters.We are currently using Rencast 4036 but are looking for an alternative. Thank you.
    Answered by the admin

    Please call our technical department at 800-445-1754 to discuss.

  4. Q Will this withstand 350 degrees and 20,000 pounds of vulcanizers pressure?
    Answered by the admin

    Please call our technical department at 800-445-1754.

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