Custom Molds and Castings

Take the guesswork out of making molds and castings. We can make them for you! Get products in place and on time.

For a quotation send us:

  • A description of your model, including a picture or drawing
  • The dimensions of the model
  • The number of castings needed
  • Location of castings (interior or exterior)
  • Desired casting material:
    • epoxy
    • light-weight epoxy
    • plaster
    • concrete
    • fiberglass
    • foam
    • other.
Send your contact information and request for quotation:

“No one could replicate it. We were almost at the point where we told the customer we could not do it. Then I remembered that ABATRON made castings, too. It is just perfect!”

– Todd Parrott, customer. Ordered a mold and casting from ABATRON to replicate a crown molding for a private residence in Buckhead Atlanta, GA.