WoodEpox® – Cold

Structural 2-Part Epoxy Adhesive for Filling and Replacing Wood. Specially Formulated for Cold-Weather Use.

Uses: WoodEpox® – Cold is a variant of the original WoodEpox® wood replacement compound that is specially formulated for use in temperatures ranging from 35° F to
60° F.* This lightweight, epoxy adhesive putty is designed to repair, replace, extend or fill wood and most rigid surfaces. Use on windowsills, columns, decks, thresholds, doors, frames, shutters, columns, posts, balusters, floors, furniture, sculptures, artwork, and other wooden architectural elements. It can also be used to patch substrates other than wood including ceramics, stucco, and concrete.

Features & Benefits: WoodEpox – Cold is virtually shrink-free and bonds permanently to most surfaces. It is chemical, heat, insect and weather resistant. WoodEpox – Cold is lightweight, has a no-slump consistency, and can be applied almost anywhere including vertical and overhead applications. It is dimensionally stable and can be used in any thickness or shape. WoodEpox – Cold is easy to mix, apply, and finish. It can be painted, stained, drilled, carved, sawed, nailed, planed, sanded, and routed, just like wood. It is compatible with both hand and power tools. WoodEpox – Cold can be tinted with colored pigments as needed.

Technical Characteristics: 1:1 mixing ratio. Combine equal volumes of parts A and B until completely mixed and a uniform color is achieved. Pot life: approximately
25 minutes at 35° F. Hardens within 24 hours depending on temperature. Coverage: approximately 231 cubic inches per gallon. Waterproof. Beige, lightweight, non-slumping, epoxy putty adhesive. Apply by (gloved) hand or with a putty knife or trowel.

* WoodEpox – Cold is recommended for use in temperatures ranging from 35°F to 60°F (2°C – 16°C). For applications at higher temperatures, standard WoodEpox is recommended.

2 Quart


Typical Test Results
Compressive Strength 130 13 1,900
Elongation 1%
Flexural Strength 130 13 1,900
Hardness, Shore D 52
Pull-off Strength 30 3.0 430
Tensile Strength 56 5.5 800

Customer Questions & Answers

    re: wood epox cold & liquidwood cold I have a partial rotting 6x6 porch post in place outside (cooler fall temps) and I brought railing into heated shop to repair. Can I use these products on both? Any draw backs? or concerns?
  1. Q re: wood epox cold & liquidwood cold I have a partial rotting 6x6 porch post in place outsid...... Read more answer now
    Asked by Carl J Nelson on October 12, 2021 10:14 am
    Answered by the admin

    Yes. You can use it for both repairs. Keep in mind, it will cure quicker in the warmer temperature setting.

  2. I live in southern Michigan, where temperature can go below -15F in winter sometimes but not for long (several days, 2~4 times a year). In summer it's in the 80's. Should I use regular Wood Epox or Wood Epox Cold? Thank you!
  3. Q I live in southern Michigan, where temperature can go below -15F in winter sometimes but not for ...... Read more answer now
    Asked by P LEE on April 16, 2021 3:30 pm
    Answered by the admin

    Which WoodEpox formula you use depends upon the temperatures during the actually application process, not the cured state of the product. The regular WoodEpox can be used at 50 degrees F, WoodEpox Cold can be used at 35 degrees F.

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