Rust Converter

Rust Converter is a liquid surface conditioner and primer that converts existing rust into an inert, protective coating that seals out moisture and corrosion. No sanding or etching required. Unlike other products, it is not a simple cleaner or cover up. The special formula attacks rust at the chemical level for fast, long-lasting results. Treated surfaces turn matte black, and can be left as-is or painted with an oil-based paint for even longer protection against new rust. Ideal for treating smaller surfaces with a brush or roller, or spraying directly from the bottle.

Packaging: 1 Quart

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Customer Questions & Answers

  1. Q once you apply the product, how long should be waited until painted with oil base product?
    Answered by the admin

    48 hours

  2. Q What is the approximate coverage in square feet?
    Answered by the admin

     Rust converter coverage is 500 sq. ft./gallon appx.

  3. Q will your ferrobond P and L series work on the metal after this product is applied?
    Answered by the admin


  4. Q I am restoring old casement windows and was wondering if this product would work well for the hinges, which are on the exterior side. I have already removed the old paint and rust, so looking for something to protect from future rust. Or would I be better off with the POR-15 product? Thanks!
    Answered by the admin

    POR-15 is a great product, but requires multiple steps. We actually just wrote a piece on the process which you can read here. Rust converter is also very good, but results may not be as long lasting as will POR-15. Both are available for purchase on our site. 

  5. Q Your above description says "spray directly from the bottle". How is that done? Please respond as I want to place an order and know if there is something else I need.
    A The product does not come in a spray bottle. However, you can transfer it to a spray bottle for application.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Charles E. Belles

    I have used this product. I was very very satisfied. It converted the rust which permitted me to paint. It has held up very well. I now have another rust project which is why am ordering another quart.

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