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Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 9999 in


Epoxy Wood Filler for Damaged Wood.  

Uses: Use WoodEpox indoors and outdoors to easily and permanently replace missing wood on window frames and sills, doors, columns, furniture, sculptures, and structural and decorative elements. all3columns

Features & Benefits: WoodEpox is a shrink-free epoxy wood filler that replaces, repairs, extends, and fills wood and most rigid materials. It permanently bonds to most surfaces. It is chemical, water, heat, and weather resistant, and dimensionally stable. WoodEpox has a no-slump consistency and can be used in any thickness or shape for structural and decorative restoration. WoodEpox works so well because, like wood, it can be: painted, stained, drilled, carved, sawed, nailed, planed, sanded, routed, and machined.

Technical Characteristics: Mix A and B together in equal volumes until a uniform color is achieved. Hardens within one to two hours.

Lightweight – approximately 3.8 lb/gal.  Pot Life: 20 minutes, so mix only what you can use within that time frame. WoodEpox is 100% epoxy solids and contains no VOCs or noxious odors. GREENGUARD® Certified.

This product is GREENGUARD® Certified, meaning that it has been found to contain virtually no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

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2 Pint
2 Quart
2 Gallon
10 Gallon


Typical Test Results
Compressive Strength   399 38 2,730
Elongation 3.2%      
Hardness, Shore D 53-55      
Tensile Strength   125.85 12.34 1,790

Wood Restoration with LiquidWood and WoodEpox

Working with Stains Using WoodEpox

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. Q What is the shelf life after it is opened?... Read more answer now

    At least one year or longer as long as you keep the lids sealed tightly and stored at room temps.

  2. Q Can I use wood epox on top of an old epoxy repair? I did not sand the old repair correctly and wa...... Read more answer now

    You can apply WoodEpox over WoodEpox.

  3. Q Can I mix the WoodEpox with the liquid to thin it for some situations? I read where a man said th...... Read more answer now

    Yes, you can thin the WoodEpox with the LiqiudWood.

  4. Q I have some old reclaimed wood i'm making a table from , one side of one of the pieces has some r...... Read more answer now

    You can use the LiquidWood to consolidate the rotted wood and then fill the void with WoodEpox. You could also remove all the rotted wood, completely down to the good hard solid wood, and then fill the void with WoodEpox. LiquidWood, whether used to consolidate rotted wood or as a primer to the WoodEpox will assist with adhesion.

  5. Q Can wood epoxy be used on floors that may have some movement. The floors are fir. Also can it be ...... Read more answer now

    You can use it to repair area within the board but not in between boards. You can tint the WoodEpox with a dry powder pigment.

Customer Reviews

  1. Tim Weitzel

    Wood Epox is the only wood replacement system that provides strength, flexibility, durability and easy sanding/drilling.

  2. Tim T

    Love both the liquid and putty. This is a GREAT product and easy to work with. Once you learn how the materials behave, you can reconstruct complex profiles to repair damaged molding and other details; much cheaper than buying molder blades for small section repair!

  3. Brian M.

    The wood epoxy works great when used in conjunction with the Liquid Wood. I have used a competitors wood filler that I got at Home Depot and it did not even begin to compare with Abatron. The Wood Epoxy does everything the information sheet claims it will do. It is extremely hard once it reaches full hardness, it sands easily, it takes paint primer very well and it does not shrink or crack. The key is proper preparation of the material that is damaged and following the instructions. The product may seem a little expensive, but it goes a long way and is worth every penny.

  4. W. H. Rabel

    I’ve used Wood Restoration Kits with LiquidWood and WoodEpox on several jobs. In one case I restored a window sash where the bottom was almost completely rotted out. In another case I restored the bottom of some fluted columns that had rotted out. You can’t tell the difference between the repair and the original and after 5 and 15 years (respectively) the repairs are holding up. Another thing, the shelf life is decent as along as you don’t mix the components. So, you can store the product for a while and use it on several jobs.

  5. V Turner

    I love this product. I bought both the Wood Epox and the Liquid Wood about 20 years ago, and have used these products very successfully in restoration projects. The shelf life is amazing! Still using the original batch. Like all two part epoxies, you have to be careful to keep tools separate when handling the A & B products. Best product I have every used for wood repair, hands down.

  6. P R Swinehart

    Works well. After 5 years, repairs are still solid. I would almost always use the solid filler after using the liquid for consolidation. I even repaired a largish crack across a panel in an old screen door (two halves completely separated) that has held the pieces together for 4 years.

  7. mike wenzel

    It’s what I am looking for

  8. Charlotte Schoeffler

    I just used the WoodEpox today and I can’t tell you how impressed I was with it. We have a 1906 home on the Historic Register and have been very conscientious about retaining the original character. There were decorative features on the railing of our front porch that had deteriorated through the years and I was able to mold the damaged parts with this wonderful product with ease. It was so easy to work with and turned out looking like new. Once they are painted I think it would be difficult to pick pick out which ones were repaired. One of them was almost half gone and it turned out great. Worth every penny and I would highly recommend this product.

  9. Michael

    I have used WoodEpox for over 5 years and is my go to for
    All of my patching needs. The fact that it is load-bearing
    allows me to use it on outdoor stair stringers at the point of
    connection to the landing.

  10. Ken Mertens

    I do remounts of Deer antlers. WoodEpox is excellent for filling the void under the skull cap. LOVE IT ! However, your online price is DOUBLE what I pay at my local Builders Supply store. I will look for other uses for WoodEpox.

  11. John realmuto

    Can you glue exterior wood together such as using wood glue using your wood epoxy


      You can use LiquidWood as an adhesive if you’d like, as long as you clamp it together until it cures. WoodEpox will also bond to both pieces of wood. We have adhesive products. The Epotron 5 may be a good product for your application.

  12. Mark Riley

    I live in New Orleans where wood rot , termite damage repair is a hobby. I live in a 120 year old house and have used the WoodEpoxy with the LiquidWood products on rotted columns , termite damaged cypress doors and other projects. All with awesome results.

  13. Brad

    I have legs to an antique buffet where the blocks at the top that connect to the buffet via tongue and groove have cracked and or fallen apart. There are 8 legs, about half the blocks are messed up. I want to keep the legs, rather not cut the square blocks off the top of the legs, and would rather repair with some sort of glue or epoxy. I have the clamps. Would this product be suitable or joining and/or filling in to pieces of a weight bearing leg? The buffet is probably only 100ish lbs, and has 8 legs.


      Yes, you can use our LiquidWood and WoodEpox to make your repair.

  14. Jane

    Amazing product! I rarely write reviews, but this stuff is great!

  15. Jack

    I have 50 years of experience working with wood as a contractor. This product is very difficult to mix up and after going through a lengthy mixing process would not stick to the raw wood. I definitely would not recommend it.


      The WoodEpox should be kneaded together until it’s one uniform consistant color. You can use the LiquidWood as a primer to the WoodEpox to assist you with adhesion.

  16. John S Mitchell

    Marvelous product! Used for many years with terrific results.
    Regarding Jack’s comments above: I mix two part WoodEpox in my hands like clay using latex gloves. Sounds messy but it isn’t at all. Far faster and more thorough than attempting to mix with a putty knife.
    Have learned that WoodEpox shapes and spreads best if combined with a bit of Liquid Wood. Experience will indicate how much to get a good consistency that spreads well but won’t sag. Typically also coat the surface/defect to be filled with Liquid Wood immediately prior to applying Wood Epox. Can’t really verify but assume the Liquid Wood soaks into the repair greatly strengthening the bond.
    My only question is in many cases I’m repairing cracks in a wood grained surface. Tried several methods but haven’t figured out how to simulate wood grain in the repair. When sanded the repair is even more prominent.
    Again; many thanks for a great product.

  17. Curt

    We own a 120 year home on Lake Erie. It has been through bitter cold, rain and humidity. Many of the storm windows and storm doors had considerable amount of damaged wood. This product is incredible. I have been able to restore original door and frames with these products. I would recommend it to anyone serious about restoration.

  18. Robert

    Been using this product for a couple of years. Saved our main deck. It had some dry rot right where the deck canter levers above the main carrying bean. Stuff saved us. Structurally sound product.

    To make it easy, I once read to use a little bit of water. I dip my fingers in a plastic cup of water, and you’d be amazed how well it shapes and spreads. It gets too sticky when one uses the epoxy liquid.

  19. market analysis

    You ought to be a part of a contest for one of the most useful websites on the internet. I most certainly will recommend this website!

  20. MissConnie

    The wood epox was very difficult to mix together, hope I did it ok – it’s stuffed on top of a rotted beam under my deck and hasn’t “cured” yet. The little plastic gloves are a joke – I got my heavy duty ones after I discovered I was mixing it with my bare fingers. It was too stiff to knead real well, but I’m hoping for the best.


      WoodEpox should sold and pliable like playdough. It should be kneaded together until it’s one uniform color, then applied. I’m not sure how long ago you applied the product or how long ago you purchased it. If you’d like, you can call our technical department at 800-445-1754.

  21. rodger H.

    We’ve restored our historic 1902 house with multiple fluted columns that needed rot repair. This is s my go-to material, once you figure out how to work it with gloves, its does the job. A final smoothing with a wet finger and almost no sanding needed. I’ve got several places after 5 years and its holding up well.

  22. Bob E

    Wood Epox is absolutely an awesome product! Not cheap, but worth every penny. I purchased the putty approximately 3 years ago to repair a wood door frame in Richmond that my son’s dogs chewed away. Didn’t want to replace the entire sliding glass door frame, so I gave it a try. A mildly complex process, but from an engineer’s perspective, thoroughly appropriate. In the damp, hot Richmond environment, the patch repair has performed in a superior fashion. Looks the same as the day I installed it. Super easy to form and sand to desired shape after it sets. That is why I just purchased more to repair some damaged wood on my beach house at OBX where the damp environment is even worse!

  23. donald

    This stuff is wonderful. The 50-50 ratio of mixing is a dream compared to a 50-1 ratio of some products and a 16-1 ratio of others. I have used all sorts of wood restoration products. This is the easiest to use and shape. If you have trouble with it, it is because you did not follow the directions, which are simple, clear and precise. I rebuilt the bottom of a sash that had completely rotted away. Nothing but air there. I set up some molds and the sanded it into the shape of the sash. Cheaper than mill-work which is hard to find in my area. I am using it elsewhere on this project as I write this.

  24. Kane Pillsbury

    Have used your products for years with only positive experience.

  25. Kane Pillsbury

    Great products

  26. Terry alton


  27. Spencer

    Our team works with Abatron woodepox on a weekly basis for carpentry and restoration repairs. We rely on this product to keep existing materials in place and reduce overall labor costs. a great product that is extremely reliable. also, great customer service. a human being answers every time. imagine that!

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