BestBond® Crack Repair

BestBond® high-strength epoxy concrete crack repair compound permanently fills and repairs cracks in concrete, stone, masonry and most rigid surfaces. Added flexibility resists cracking due to seasonal temperature changes. Shrink-free and contains no water or solvents. Recommended for horizontal applications exterior or interior. 9 fluid ounce cartridge fits in hand-held caulking gun and fills 16 cubic inches.

Color: Gray.



Hardening Time minutes, appx. 35
Hardness Shore D 73
Tensile Strength psi 1,270
Elongation % 30
Application Temperature oF 50-90

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A

    Yes we do recommend backer rod to prevent crack repair products from running out of the crack.  However, the more material that the crack is filled with the stronger the long term bond.

  2. A

    BestBond Crack Repair comes in one tube with the Part A & B. The product get mixed in the tube through the static mixer as it's applied.

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    You can use our Aboweld 55-1. It's a no slump adhesive paste for concrete restoration.

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