Multi-Glaze Type M Glazing Compound

Quickest surface skinning product for indoor shop use only. 

Sarco Multi-Glaze® Type M is the best traditional knife grade linseed oil glazing compound available for glazing and bedding glass in wood sash and doors. Multi-Glaze Type M is the quickest surface skinning product and forms a strong surface skin in one week depending on temperatures. It remains elastic and flexible throughout its lifetime. Multi-Glaze Type M is for indoor shop glazing only. Give Multi-Glaze Type M at least 14 days to cure before painting with oil or latex paint.


(4 customer reviews)
1 Gallon

Customer Reviews

  1. Mark N

    We restore historic wooden windows – This is our favorite

  2. Mike

    So far, this stuff is horrible. It’s extremely sticky and nearly to impossible to use. Cleanup of tools and my hands was very difficult. I would accept the stickiness if the instructions mentioned this possibility and what to do about it. The problem is there are no instructions. The side of the tub has only one sentence about allowing it to skim over before painting and that’s it. It’s possible that detailed instructions that cover common problems are available somewhere but, after searching the internet, I haven’t found it. I have found conflicting advice, however. This product should at least come with much more detailed instructions, rather than appearing to cater only to those who have been glazing windows for 30 years. I bought it because the DAP glazing compound is so maligned on the internet. I can’t imagine anything being worse than the Sarco putty.


      Please call our technical department at 800-445-1754 for assistance.

  3. joe

    I only use this because the local pros insist on this as the only option. I live in a historic part of Jacksonville FL (Riverside) and people are renovating hundreds of homes. It took me several months to perfect the craft, including attending seminars. the guy who complained about it on the 5/12 post is your typical newbie who expects everything to work easy. this is a difficult product but quality comes at a price. Just like you cant buy a tight rope and expect to cross the grand canyon on your first try. I’m not sure if there is anything better but I’m not willing to try because I trust the people in this town. For those who want to try there are plenty of youtube videos, but a local seminar is where I saw a live demonstration and everything clicked.

  4. Joe difiore DiFiore

    First time using Sarco Type M after 40 years of living in homes 125 yrs + always used Dap 33 Sarco is much easier to use, needs adequate hand knelling and let balls sit on paper to remove oil .

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