Dual Glazing Compound

Sarco Dual Glaze Elastic Glazing Compound.  

Use on site or in the shop on wood or metal. 

This glazing compound holds a permanent, water-tight bond on wood and metal sash and doors. Easy to handle, it is made with non-drying linseed oil that sets into a firm, tough cushion and adheres tightly to glass and sash. Dual glaze allows for normal expansion and contraction without pulling away. Ready for oil or latex paint after surface skin has formed, usually in 2-3 weeks. It is the most versatile glazing compound for glaziers, painters, and homeowners. Apply indoors or outdoors.


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(3 customer reviews)
1 Pint
1 Gallon
1 Quart

Customer Questions & Answers

  1. Q What is the longest period of time that one can wait before painting the dual glaze putty? I read that it is ready to be painted after 2-3 weeks, but what is the maximum amount of time that one can wait before coating with an acrylic paint?
    Answered by the admin

    Within one month of skin formation.

  2. Q If I glaze the windows inside over the winter with the dual glaze will it eventually skin over in a 60 degree room inside the house
    Answered by the admin


  3. Q Will Bullseye 1-2-3 acrylic lates primer be ok to use under Type-M or Dual Glaze compounds after putting a 50/50 mixture of mineral spirits and boiled linseed oil on badly weathered wood storm windows, followed by a top quality acrylic latex paint?
    Answered by the admin

    We recommend a good, quality primer.

  4. Q What color is the compound straight out of the container? Is it possible to tint with a color? if so, what is best?
    Answered by the admin

    It's a grayish color. You can use a powdered dye to tint it.

  5. Q Is this the best Sarco glazing to use if applying outdoors to in place windows? And can it be applied over a water bases wood petrified/hardener?
    Answered by the admin

    Yes, Dual Glaze Compound is the correct product for outdoor use.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Danielle DELAND

    I have not tried it yet but my architect told me it was the best product

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Susan Yeoman

    On the recommendation of Artisan Glass Works in Baltimore Md I used the Dual Glazing Compound for replacing broken panes on two Quaker Meeting houses here in PA. I liked the way it worked and it seems to be setting up nicely. I used a different product on previous replacements and had trouble getting the glazing to set up to paint.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rich H.

    I have replaced hundreds of broken window panes. This is by far the best glazing compound on the market. Nothing else comes close.

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