Aboweld 55-1™

Sag-Resistant Epoxy Paste for Concrete Repair. Use on Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces Without Forms.

Uses: Fill cracks, replace missing concrete, and permanently bond concrete and most rigid materials. Ideal for use in both industrial and home repairs. Restore columns, walls, ceilings, foundations, pools, rails, stair risers and treads, sculptures, and more. Also great for installing machinery, posts, precasts, and other structural components.

Features and Benefits: Aboweld 55-1 has tenacious adhesion and structural strength that make it suitable for even the most punishing environments. Its other impressive characteristics are:

  • Underwater hardening
  • Slump resistant up to 3/8″ thick on vertical surfaces
  • Non-shrinking
  • Highly chemical resistant

Technical Characteristics: 1:1 ratio. Hardens in 1-6 hours depending on temperature. GREENGUARD Certified®.  ASTM C881,TP I, III, Grd 3, Clss C. IL. Contact customer service for information on cold-weather hardeners.

This product is GreenGuard® Certified, meaning that is has been found to contain virtually no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

2 Quart
2 Gallon
10 Gallon
12 Ounce

Customer Questions & Answers

  1. Q I'd like to use Aboweld 55-1 to repair broken and cracked concrete planters that are dark brown/bronze color. What are the options to color the Aboweld?
    Answered by the admin

    Gray or White

  2. Q Can this be used to patch a floor that is constantly wet?
    Answered by the admin

    Aboweld 55-1 has tenacious adhesion and structural strength
    that make it suitable for even the most punishing environments.
    Bonds to wet and dry surfaces, and hardens underwater.

  3. Q I have a 1925 home with flaky concrete basement walls. Would this product be could for stabilizing the outer surface? How thick should it be applied? How far will 2 gallons go?
    Answered by the admin

    You can use it on the basements walls to fill the voids, it does not consolidate any flaky areas. Two gallons will cover 462 cubic inches.

  4. Q I have an antique urn (approximately 75-100 yrs. old) that is square-shaped. When moved, several edges broke off and several vertical fissures down the length of it formed. It is cast concrete, but a very sandy, friable, crumbly sort of concrete. Can I use ABOWELD on it? If so, what can I use to fill in the missing pieces?
    Answered by the admin

    Yes, you can use the Aboweld to make your repairs.

  5. Q What product would you recommend for replacing concrete in an old rubble foundation? In heavy rains, water finds its way between the stones and into the basement.
    Answered by the admin

    Actually the better approach might be to cut out the old concrete or mortar and replace it with new mortar.  Abocrete and Aboweld 55-1 will make excellent water barriers and fill the cracks without shrinkage.  However, they probably are also stronger than the stone, unless it is a very hard stone like granite, and could cause the stone to crack during periods when temperatures are cycling up and down.  If the you don't think this will be a problem, then I would recommend Abocrete and Aboweld 55-1.

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