Acrylic 57-1™

Clear, Waterborne Acrylic Coating 

Recommended for floors, cabinets and trim, and metal and plastic elements. As it has a very low odor and low VOC’s, it is an excellent choice for coating floors and other surfaces in enclosed areas such as basements, hospitals, schools and restaurants, This product has a non-yellowing high-gloss finish with exceptional mar resistance. Although it works well on its own, it also makes an excellent choice as a topcoat for other coatings. Easily applied by brushing, rolling or spraying. Thin with water as necessary.

Coverage:   500 sq. ft. per gallon appx.


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1 Quart
1 Gallon
5 Gallon


Pull-off Strength ASTM 4541 330 2.3
Abrasive Resistance ASTM D4060 0.101g (CS 17 Load 1000/Cycles 1000)
Slip Resistance ASTM D1894 1.3
Tack-free time 5-10 minutes
Pencil Hardness ASTM D3363 HB

Customer Questions & Answers

  1. Q Can acrylic 57-1 be used on a concrete countertop as a sealer? Is it food safe?
    Answered by the admin OK as concrete sealer.
  2. Q How come I've never heard of is company and its products? I found a 1qt. bottle in a restaurant storage room that shut down in 2004. I'm a woodworker by hobby. I had to try it. It was still good as new. All I gotta say is this stuff is awesome. Is gloss clear coat 57-1. I use it all the time.
    Answered by the admin

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Customer Reviews

  1. Deisel

    Works on just about any surface.

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