SS-Bond P™

Stainless-Steel-Filled Epoxy Structural Adhesive Putty. 

Used where a filler is needed that is as heavy, hard, and wear-resistant as iron, but rustproof and more chemical resistant. Common with stainless-steel equipment. Lb/gal: 21.5; Kg/L: 2.5.  Pot Life 1 hour.  Color: Gray

Uses: Applications are nearly limitless. Permanently repair any decorative or structural metal components. Also use these products on ceramic, glass, fiberglass, and most rigid surfaces. They offer the perfect solution to restore and rebuild metal window frames, sinks, pipes, gates, fences, stair rails, ranks, pipelines, off-shire rigs, vehicles, engines, tools, molds, frames, ship decks, bulkheads, hulls, stacks, masts, and more.

Features & Benefits: These compounds offer versatility and resistance to wear and tear, even in high impact environments. They are shrink-free, dimensionally stable, and unaffected by atmospheric conditions, water, salt, alkalis, diluted acids, most solvents, oil, and grease. Resists temperatures up to 212°F (100ºC). Apply in any thickness. The cured product is easy to machine with standard tools and can be painted.

1 Pound
4 Pound


Kg/cm2 Psi MPa
Adhesive Shear Strength 175-211 2,500 17,24-20,69
Compressive Strength 660 9,400 64
Tensile Strength 196 2,500 19
Flexural Strength 372 3,300 36
Hardness Shore D 80

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    Solvents such as isopropyl alcohol or acetone can be used to clean.

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