Lightweight, exceptionally strong casting compound. 

Developed for making exterior and/or indoor castings. WoodCast reproduces exquisite details. The cured product is durable and difficult to chip or damage. This pourable liquid epoxy compound can be stained, painted, and wood grained. 7.5 lbs per gallon. Hardens in 2-8 hours at room temperature.

Color:  Light Beige


  • 2 Quart Kit
  • 2 Gallon Kit
  • 10 Gallon Kit

2 Quart
2 Gallon
10 Gallon

Customer Questions & Answers

  1. Q Hello, I need to replicate an exterior element on my 1871 building that has partially broken off. I was going to used MasterMold 12-3 (Vertical surface), then use Wood Cast to replicate the part from the mold. Can WoodCast be used for exterior? Also, what glue would be best to attach Wood Cast to a porous limestone part of the building? Pictures can be provided. Thanks.
    Answered by the admin

    Yes, you can use the WoodCast for exterior areas. We have a product, Epotron-5, which is an adhesive. Please call our technical department at 800-445-1754 to discuss your project further, or if you prefer, you can email your pictures to info@abatron.com, Attn: Technical Department.

  2. Q Hello - What is the best glue to use to glue pieces of WoodCast to each other? I cast a copy of some crown moulding with WoodCast, have mitered some pieces, and I need to glue them together before installing. Thanks for your help...Jeff
    Answered by the admin

    You can use our Epotron-5.

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