Contract R&D and Manufacturing

Contract R&D and Manufacturing


Industry and Speciality products


Put Abatron’s experienced professionals to work for you. With over 60 years of history in the industrial chemical market, we have a demonstrated ability to formulate and manufacture a spectrum of chemical products utilized by a broad base of industries. From concept development, to quality analysis and testing, to delivery to you, count on us as your best resource in chemical design and manufacture. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Technical Proficiency:
Epoxy product development Casting compounds
Polyurethane product development Building compounds
Acrylic product development Restoration compounds
100% Solids resins Laminating compounds
Solvent-based resins Mold making compounds
Water-based resins Composite systems
Potting compounds Adhesives
Encapsulation compounds Coatings


Available Laboratory Resources:
Instron CNC router for foam, wood, and composites
Brookfield Viscometers CNC hotwire
Durometers Mold/casting shop
Ovens Composite shop
Refrigeration Spray booth
Fume hood Flammable room
Mixing equipment Environmentally controlled packaging room
Library ASTM, ISO, ANSI Standards 2-part cartridge filling machine
Precision scales and measuring equipment Resin filling machine
Mixing/blending equipment Labeling machine
Technical resource laboratory


Industries and Markets Served:
Construction Marine Industrial facilities
Facility maintenance Pool and Spa Foreign
Aerospace Surf/SUP Adhesives
Electronics Composites Medical
Solvent-based resins Residential Historic preservation
Automotive Commercial spaces Sporting goods