• I recently used Abocoat 8508-3 to resurface an acrylic shower base that had cracked completely through, as well as the acrylic coating having cracked and de-laminated. I was completely amazed with the success of this project. The Abocoat 8508-3 was easy to apply and had a smooth, glossy finish. The finished shower base looked like new, and I am extremely confident in the durability of the new surface. This product saved thousands of dollars, and countless hours of labor installing a new shower base. Fantastic product.

    Mark B

  • Just some positive feedback for you. The application went very well and my broken floor is now rock-solid. I was able to pour a thin mixture into the cracks (I widened them with a masonry blade), then mixed the rest of the kit with sand and covered all other defects. The mixing is tough work, but the (Abocrete) performed beyond my expectations. I am sure I will use this again for other projects.

    Chris V – Rochester, NY

  • The instructions for the use of LiquidWood and WoodEpox are the most clearly written and articulate instructions I have read in years. Good job!

    Bonnie C – League City, TX

  • I have used LiquidWood and WoodEpox over the 12 years my wife and I have lived in and have been restoring “our old house” built in 1921. I’ve also used a couple of the concrete products. The employees that I have delt with over the (800) service number are some of the best I have ever worked with in the area of customer service. Your products are excellent and easy to use by following the instructions. Thank you for a great company to do business with that supplies excellent products and perform better than stated. Keep up the good work.

    Henry R – Roanoke, VA

  • I have used Abatron products in the repair of my 1847 Greek Revival farmhouse for many years. It started with the repair of my eleven solid wooden porch columns which were rotted well up from the base. LiquidWood followed by WoodEpox bought the columns back to their original condition and they still look that way 25 years later. Over the years, window sills, rotted out posts, etc., all are back to their original structural strength and looks.

    Abocrete is also a staple in the repair and resurfacing of concrete in and around the house and outbuildings.

    Rodney H – Honeoye Falls, NY

  • Thank you for your help over the phone. My 200-year-old stone house loves your products. You folks permitted me to spare the original staircase. What a blessing.

    Chuck C – Uniontown, PA

  • I’d like to thank you for being so responsive to my questions regarding your wood restoration products. My severely cracked, weathered, Victorian porch posts are turning out beautifully!

    Bill S – Stillwater, MN

  • This was my first experience using your LiquidWood and WoodEpox products. They are excellent! I’ve used a number of different structural epoxy products and yours is certainly the finest, most satisfying wood replacement system I’ve come across. Excellent product. Thank you.

    Richard M – Cadillac, MI

  • I just wanted to let you folks at Abatron know what great products you have! I have used both wood hardeners and wood fillers a number of times over the past couple years to replace/repair wood rot on my house, always with EXCELLENT results!

    Charles W

  • I recently purchased WoodEpox and LiquidWood and am extremely pleased with their performance. I used them to restore outside window frames on my 100-year-old house in Philadelphia. Your product does everything you say it will do.

    John H – Philadelphia, PA

  • I have become one of your “goodwill” ambassadors in California for your WoodEpox and LiquidWood. I have seen it work miracles!

    Cate W – Riverside, CA

  • I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your Wood Restoration Kit this summer and used LiquidWood and WoodEpox in order to repair damaged window sills that I thought were beyond repair. I had rotten, wet, spongy windows in multiple spots throughout my home. I was absolutely amazed at how well your Wood Restoration Kit worked, and I’m especially astonished by the properties of WoodEpox. This is a wonderful product and I recommended you to my neighbors who are experiencing similar problems with their windows. Thank you for such a fantastic product. It was money well spent!

    Paul S – Fayetteville, NC