Banishing Repulsive Rust!

DIY Rusty Metal Restoration

Rusting metal is seldom attractive, especially on an iron mailbox set into the front of a stone house.  Over the years, the wet rust had even run down the front of the stone, creating unsightly stains. After ignoring the problem for far too long, the homeowner decided to take action. The POR-15® Super Starter Kit was chosen to do the job. POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating chemically bonds to rusted metal and forms a moisture-impenetrable coating that won’t chip, crack, or peel.  In fact, exposure to moisture strengthens the coating.


Here are the steps used:

1. The area was taped off to protect surrounding surfaces. Loose and flakey rust and metal were removed with a wire brush.

2. POR-15 waterborne Cleaner Degreaser was applied with a brush and rinsed off.

3.  POR-15 waterborne Metal Prep was applied as directed and rinsed off.


4. Two thin coats of POR-15 urethane Rust Preventive Coating were applied.

5. A black satin finish paint was applied to protect the coating from ultra-violet sunlight.

Although there were many steps, the whole project actually did not take very long. After protecting the surrounding area and preparing the surface, each product application dried quickly to allow for an easy transition to the next step.

What about the ugly rust stains on the stone?  Well, they were quickly eliminated with Rust Remover.  A few sprays of this product sent them into oblivion.  Rust Remover is a waterborne spray that will not attack skin and has no odor.  It turns the rust into salts that can be easily rinsed away. The front entry now looks great and will for years to come!