POR-15 Rust Preventative Coating

Stop Rust Permanently. 

This high performance coating is designed for application directly on rusted or seasoned metal surfaces. It is non-porous and seals and protects many surfaces from water, chemicals, salt, and other corrosive contaminants. Paint directly over rust. It also works as an effective anti-corrosive and rust preventative coating that offers superior chemical resistance due to its dense, cross-linked molecular composition and non-porous attributes.

The successful results come from POR-15 Rust Preventative Coating’s curing process. Most paints dry through evaporation, but this product dries faster when moisture is present. Add to that its incredible hardness, toughness, and flexibility, and you have a coating that is practically indestructible. This product makes permanent rust repairs great for many applications, including auto frame and chassis restoration, It protects valuable equipment against rust and corrosion.

Packaging: Super Starter Kit – A 4 oz. can of POR-15 Gloss Black, half pint of POR-15 Metal Prep, two wooden handle paint brushes, and a pair of special high-dexterity surgical latex gloves, plus an 8-ounce bottle of POR-15 Cleaner degreaser.


Customer Questions & Answers

  1. Q Will it work on galvanized deck ledger flashing . It’s not totally rusted just a few areas are starting. Should I coat the whole thing ? Or use a tannic acid based product
    Answered by the admin

    POR-15 Should work on galvanized flashing.   There are 3 products used with this system, so it is difficult to spot treat with it. 

  2. Q I am installing a new body on a 1949 cj3a jeep the old body rusted out where sheet metal was folded together and spot welded. what is your advice for these trouble sum cracks? there are riveted on brackets on the sandblasted frame that present similar questions
    Answered by the admin

    Please call our technical department at 800-445-1754 for assistance.

  3. Q Does this predict work on surfaces that already have paint on them? I'm looking for a product to use on metal steps that have been painted in the past. The paint which is oil based is now wearing off and the metal is rusting.
    Answered by the admin
    Yes, but you will lose the important benefits of POR-15. You must
    remember that ordinary paints are weakened by exposure to moisture.
    POR-15 can’t stop rust if it isn’t in direct contact with the base metal.
  4. Q I have a 2002 VW Jetta with a hatch back. The hatch back door panel seems to be rusting from the inside out. Is there a way to inject POR-15 inside of door panel?
    Answered by the admin

    We think it is better to expose the rusting area and apply the product following manufacturer’s instructions.

  5. Q How many square feet will the kit cover?
    Answered by the admin

    It is hard to give definitive coverage, as each project differs so much. However, each kit contains 4 fl. oz. of Rust Preventative Coating that should be applied not more than 2 mils. thick - two times. 

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