Driveway Restoration With Abocrete

After receiving estimates of $6.50/square foot to replace a 2,300 square foot concrete driveway, the owner decided to repair it instead.  Most of the driveway was installed in 1930 and was severely cracked and spalled.  It was also widened in 1996, and the new concrete didn’t match the original concrete.   The vast majority of the surface was level and structurally-sound, with the exception of a small area that had been pulled up by an uprooted tree.  The owner’s goals were to fill the cracks and give the concrete a uniform appearance without giving the appearance of bright, new concrete.  


The project began with thorough surface preparation.  Areas to be patched were cleaned and any loose or flaking concrete was removed or chiseled out.  Very narrow cracks (less than 1/8 inch) were widened with a grinder so they could be properly filled.  A degreaser was used to clean up any spots of grease or oil.  Once the surface was ready, a selection of ABATRON’s products was chosen for the job.  This project called for ABOCRETE™, Primkote 8006-1™, BestBond®, and Color Grit. 


The large areas of missing concrete and cracks greater than ½ inch were filled using a blend of ABOCRETE and fine sand.  ABOCRETE is ideal for these repairs because of its versatility and variable viscosity.  Smaller cracks were filled with BestBond, which is a strong, self-leveling 2-part epoxy that can be easily applied with a caulking gun.  Once these patching materials cured, the filled areas were ground smooth with a belt- sander or grinder. 


Next, the entire driveway was power washed and then primed with Primkote 8006-1, a low viscosity, fast-drying, epoxy primer which penetrates well and creates a great surface for subsequent coatings. 


After the Primkote hardened, a combination of ABOCRETE and ColorGrit was used to do the actual resurfacing of the entire driveway.  Light gray ABOCRETE was rolled on, like paint, using adhesive-grade rollers which prevent any nap from being left in the coating.  A combination of brown, buff and white ColorGrit was broadcast onto the ABOCRETE while it was still wet.  The ColorGrit set into the ABOCRETE as it hardened, creating the new surface.  Excess grit was swept off and reused.   This step took a crew of 4 approximately 4 hours to complete.  After the new surface had cured, any joints that had been filled-in were recut with a grinder.




The finished project will look great for years and the new surface will resist salt, tire marks and erosion.  The matte finish and color closely resemble the sidewalk and compliment the colors of the brick home.   The cost of materials (approximately $1.60 per square foot) and the ease of installation proved to be a big savings over replacement.