Customer Spotlight: Hanson Painting

Bill Hanson of Hanson Painting in Haverhill, Massachusetts is doing his part to help maintain and restore some of the historic homes and businesses in Haverhill.  Bill has been involved in painting and carpentry for over 20 years and has run his own painting business for the past 9 years, currently employing 3 additional painters.


Since Haverhill’s history dates back to pre-revolutionary times, there is no shortage of old homes in the area.  In fact, the farm homes along the Merrimack River date back to the 1600’s.  Bill has made a bit of a name for himself by focusing on intricate painting and carpentry needs on the historic Victorian homes in the city. 


He was turned on to Abatron’s Wood Restoration System about 3 years ago by a homeowner of a Victorian home that had custom-made exterior windows that he wanted to save from the moisture damage that was occurring on the sills and the sash rails.  After successfully restoring and painting the windows, there was no evidence of the fact that the windows had ever been damaged in the first place.   Since then, Bill has made great use of LiquidWood and WoodEpox on a regular basis in similar situations.




Hanson Painting can assist with any painting and carpentry needs in the Haverhill area.  Contact Bill at (978) 559-1057, or visit his Facebook page to see examples of some of his work.