Holds 2 fluid ounces, with needle.

This syringe is useful for applying liquid resins to small or hard to reach areas.

1 Each

Customer Questions & Answers

  1. Q what gauge needle and size of drill needed
    Answered by the admin When drilling holes, we suggest using no larger than an 1/4" drill.
  2. Q If LiquidWood and/or WoodEpox is used for repair, can either stain or paint be applied later and can stain or paint cover/hide the repair?
    Answered by the admin You can paint or stain over the WoodEpox. The WoodEpox accepts a stain, but not the same as regular wood. It will remain on the surface, not absorb into it, like a regular piece of wood. If painting directly over the LiquidWood, it's recommended to scuff the surface a bit so the paint adheres to it well. LiquidWood does not accept a stain.
  3. Q How do you clean these after use so that it can be reued?
    Answered by the admin You can use a solvent to clean them, something like Acetone, Xylene or Alcohol.

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