Mastermold 12-8®

Pourable Mold Making Compound. 

Uses: This liquid polyurethane mold making compound is best suited for making molds of objects or structures that can be laid flat in a container so that the mold making compound can be poured onto and around them. Examples include doll faces, jewelry, moldings, low reliefs, medallions, patterns, models, and tools. Recommended for 1 and 2-part molds.

Features and Benefits: It reproduces exquisite details, is very flexible, reusable, and easy to use.

Technical Characteristics: Hardens in 12-16 hours at room temperature. Easy proportioning of 1 part resin to 2 parts hardener by volume. Part A Resin: Clear, pourable viscous liquid, 8.7 lbs/gal (1.04 Kg/liter). Part B Hardener: Pink, pourable, viscous liquid, 8.9 lbs/gal (1.07 kg/liter). 1-1.5 hour working life at room temperature. Use within 4 months of receipt.

Typical Test Results
Elongation >600
Hardness, Shore A 28
Tensile Strength 4.0   57


3 Pint
3 Quart
3 Gallon

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