Garage Floor Coating Kit

Add sparkle to that dingy garage with these epoxy coating kits. They will not only improve the appearance but also make it easier to clean and protect the concrete from penetrating oils, fluids, and corrosive salts. Each of the prepackaged kits contains ample products to cover 400 sq. ft. (approximately a 2 car garage).

Vinyl Chip System: This showroom-style adds eye-catching beauty to the floor. Slip-resistant and easy-to-clean, the vinyl flakes add a pop of color over the glossy epoxy basecoat.

  • Contains:
    • Epoxy Primer – 2 gallons
    • Epoxy Basecoat – 4 gallons(enough for two coat coverage)
    • Polyurethane Topcoat – 1.5 gallons
    • Vinyl Chips – 20 pounds (see color selection below)
      • Custom colors available upon request

Color Grit System: This system takes slip-resistance to a whole new level. The ColorGrit aggregate, which is broadcast onto high-solids epoxy, bonds to the coating, resulting in a colored, textured surface that will protect and enhance the concrete for years. Easy to clean. Skip the topcoat to make this system great for patios, driveways, and pool decks, too!

  • Contains:
    • Epoxy Primer – 2 gallons
    • Basecoat – 3.75 gallons
    • Polyurethane Topcoat – 1.5 gallons
    • ColorGrit – 135 pounds (see color selection below)
      • Custom colors available upon request

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1 Each
1 Each

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    Please call our technical department at 800-445-1754 for assistance.

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    The base coat in the Color Grit system is 100% epoxy solids. The other materials in this system as well as the vinyl chip system are not. Discoloration is not to be expected. Life expectancy of the system depends on outside factors such as usage, exposure to chemical, temperature, etc. Scrubbing is recommended for deep cleaning. 

  3. A Yes, we provide packaging in a variety of sizes. The kits have been sold successfully for over ten years.

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