Boron-based Wood Preservative. 

This boron-based, concentrated wood preservative controls termites, insects, and wood decay fungi such as brown and white rot. Use on wooden structures that come into contact with water such as crawl spaces, decks, sills, columns, joists, beams, logs, siding, and fences. This versatile product can be used on wet or dry surfaces, indoor or outdoors, and on wood or wood-based products before or after treatment with LiquidWood or WoodEpox. It’s the preservative of choice for its long lasting effects and low toxicity to humans and pets. Apply to bare wood. Dilute with water as needed.

Coverage: Dependent upon dilution ratio and surface type.

Packaging: 1 gallon

This product is unavailable for shipment into Canada.

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1 Gallon

Questions and answers of the customers

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    The wood should be completely dry before applying the LiquidWood.

  2. A

    LiquidWood should not be used in that manner. It's a consolidant for rotted, soft spongy wood. It is not a protective coating. If you use it as you describe, it will remain on the surface and remain tacky. You can use WoodEpox to fill gaps.

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    Please refer to the TDS here for specific coverage and application questions:

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    BoraCare is a product used to penetrates deep into the wood to pride long-lasting protection against termites, wood destroying beetles and decay fungi. LiquidWood is a consolidant for rotted, soft, spongy wood. I do not believe either one of them is what you are looking for, unless you need to address on of those problems. We do have an expoxy primer call PrimKote 8006-1 that may be helpful to you. Please contact our technical department at 800-445-1754.

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    You can use our LiquidWood on any dry rotted wood to consolidate it and make it hard again. It is not a protectorant or sealant type product.

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  1. Jim Decker

    First rate product

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