BestBond® Joint Sealant

High Strength, Self-Leveling Liquid Epoxy for Filling and Sealing Joints in Concrete.

Uses: BestBond Joint Sealant permanently fills and seals cracks in concrete, stone, masonry, and most rigid surfaces. For use on horizontal substrates.  Commonly used fill and seal control joints, expansion joints, and saw cuts. BestBond Joint Sealant can also be used to seal patio, deck and pool cracks and joints.  It is an excellent sealant for commercial and industrial applications.

Features & Benefits: BestBond Joint Sealant features higher elongation, allowing for movement and settling of the concrete. It hardens quickly and resists water, chemicals, and UV.  It is shrink-free and contains no water or solvents. For exterior or interior applications. 9 fluid ounce cartridge fits in hand-held caulking gun for easy installation.

Technical Characteristics:  Hardens in 35-60 minutes depending on temperature.  Pre-packaged cartridges fill 16 cubic inches.  Bulk packaging is also available and can be applied by trowel or squeegee.  Color: gray.

See technical data sheet below.


Hardening Time minutes, appx. 35-60
Hardness Shore A (D) 80 (30)
Tensile Strength psi 140
Elongation % 60
Application Temperature °F 50-90

Customer Questions & Answers

    Can this product be used to fill mortar losses in stone foundations?
  1. Q Can this product be used to fill mortar losses in stone foundations? answer now
    Asked by RM on September 11, 2018 11:28 am
    Answered by the admin

    You should replace mortar with mortar.

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