Aboweld 55-22™

All-Purpose Adhesive Gel for Projects of Any Size. 

This thixotropic, structural epoxy adhesive is ideal for bonding, filling, and patching. Use on stone, concrete, masonry, metal, ceramics, glass, fiberglass, and virtually any rigid surface. For indoor and outdoor applications to create a very strong bond. Resists sagging on vertical surfaces. Solvent-free. Translucent. Apply by brush, paint roller, trowel, or squeegee. Hardens in 2 or more hours depending on temperature.

The 15 fluid ounce cartridge requires a special dual barrel dispensing cartridge. See the accessories page.

15 Fluid Ounce
3 Pint
3 Quart
3 Gallon


Typical Test Results
Compressive Strength 580  8,200
Elongation 7.0%
Flexural Strength 650  9,250
Hardness, Shore D >80
Tensile Strength 350 5,000

Questions and answers of the customers

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    The larger size product you purchase, the more economical the price is. Shipping costs are based and weight and zip code the order ships to.

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    You could use Abotar 8101-8, which is for filling, patching and resurfacing asphalt surfaces.

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    Yes. Just be sure the scuff up the surface prior to painting.

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