5 Epoxy Projects you have to see to believe…

ABATRON is known for our high-performance, specialty epoxies. We manufacture products for wood, metal, and concrete repair projects every single day. However- the scope of epoxy repairs reaches far beyond the first few pages of our catalog. Over the past few months, I’ve seen some particularly interesting projects that feature epoxies. They can help relieve pain, restore artifacts, create homes, and even save lives!

For help choosing the right epoxy for your next project, give us a call. Odds are we’ve got a safe and easy-to-use epoxy for you. Until then, check out these incredible projects!

1-A pot-bellied pig walks with comfort after an epoxy repair to his hoof:


2-Museum curators botch the repair of the most famous Egyptian Pharoah’s mask:


3-A collection of blue poison dart frogs was made to feel right at home:


4-A tragic fate was narrowly avoided for this box turtle thanks to the help of an epoxy patch:


5-An antique rifle stock is masterfully restored: