TREAD SPREAD™ Adds Traction to Accessibility Ramp

After a frigid winter scraping ice and snow off their accessibility ramp, the homeowners looked for a durable product to improve its traction.  (The tape they applied previously failed early in the season.)  When they learned about TREAD SPREAD™, a slip-resistant epoxy coating, they decided to give it a try.
     TREAD SPREAD enhances traction on concrete, fiberglass, metal, wood, and most rigid surfaces. It provides high performance on wet and dry surfaces, making it an ideal choice for adding grip to ramps. Abatron captured the project on video for our YouTube channel. Below is a step-by-step description of how TREAD SPREAD was applied.

           Marking off stencil location.

1. Surface preparation.
 The surface must be clean and dry prior to application. There should be no oils, grease, paint, stains or debris. Stains or sealants that cannot be removed easily can be sanded.


2. Measure and mark off a stencil area. Think about how the finished application will look. A sketchpad can help. Then measure and mark off the location of each stencil.

   Sanding the application surface.


3. Roughen the surface. Roughen the surface of the application area by sanding. This helps TREAD SPREAD to bond more effectively to the substrate. Be sure to  sweep away any dust or debris afterward.

Taping off the stencil.



4. Tape off a stencil of the application area.
Use painter’s tape to mask off a stencil area. Wider tapes will offer greater protection against accidental contact with the epoxy. The surface must be clean and dry before the tape is applied.

Left: Use separate utensils for portioning and mixing. Right: Mixing TREAD SPREAD.

Applying Tread Spread.

5. Prepare TREAD SPREAD for use.
Use separate utensils to portion Part A, Part B, and for mixing. Use an empty, clean container to stir the product. Prepare an amount that can be applied in under ten minutes. The larger the batch, the more quickly it will harden. Blend until the color is uniform.



6. Apply TREAD SPREAD. Use a putty knife or trowel to apply TREAD SPREAD. Create even layers when spreading the coating.

Removing tape stencil.



7. Remove tape stencil. Slowly remove the tape stencil while TREAD SPREAD is still wet.


8. Allow for hardening time.
 It will take TREAD SPREAD 60 – 90 minutes to harden. In warm weather, it will harden much faster. For best results, allow the product to harden overnight.

To watch a short video of how this project was done, visit our Abatron YouTube channel. To learn more about TREAD SPREAD and for ordering information, click here.

The ramp project completed.