Still Looking Great! Dewey’s Aboglass™ Bar Top

Dewey’s Restaurant and Sports Bar is located right in the heart of downtown Racine, Wisconsin.  It’s the type of place that can handle the working lunch crowd, the Friday fish-fry rush, and the rowdy sports fans of southeastern Wisconsin.

Back in February of 2013, we shared the story of installing our Aboglass™ clear epoxy bar top coating on their brand new African hardwood bar.


Over three and a half years later, we decided to stop in for lunch and see how the bar and the Aboglass™ was holding up.  It’s safe to say that in this case, the pictures speak for themselves.  It’s clear that the bar has taken some abuse over the years.  The front panels and the rails show some clear signs of wear and tear, but the Aboglass™ remains immaculate.


The fish sandwich and the Pepsi were spot-on for a quick Friday lunch, and the presentation on the beautiful bar made them taste just a little bit better.


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