Oklahoma Capitol’s Steel Windows Repaired with FerroBond P™

Built in 1917, the Oklahoma State Capitol building is an exquisite example of neoclassical architecture.  The grounds of the Capitol are famous for hosting active oil rigs, but just as impressive are the 500+ steel windows that adorn the building’s great walls.

The Oklahoma State Capitol.

     In 2016, Re-View was selected to restore the sashes and frames of each window. The Re-View field team took special care to inspect each window, document the condition, and then remove the sashes for delivery to their Kansas City facility where they would be fully restored. The frames were repaired in-place using specialty ultrasound equipment to identify damaged areas of the steel that hadn’t been exposed.

Steel windows before and after restoration.

     When the sashes arrived in Kansas City, the finishes were removed by baking the sash, exposing the bare steel.  A combination of welding new components and utilizing epoxy restoration materials was used to bring the sashes back to their original state.  The primary epoxy utilized was Abatron’s Ferrobond-P™, a steel-filled structural epoxy patching compound.  Ferrobond-P was chosen due to its extreme durability, compatibility with steel substrates, resistance to high temperatures, and shrink-free nature.

Applying FerroBond P to the sash.

     Once restored, the sashes were fitted with new Low-E glass in order to improve the thermal performance of each window.  Custom interior storms were also created by Re-View.  The sashes were reinstalled and both the frames and sashes were coated and sealed with high performance products in order to ensure protection from the extreme weather conditions that can exist in Oklahoma City.

Restoration in progress.

     For more information visit http://www.re-view.biz/index.html or www.abatron.com.