Essential Repair: Repairing a Concrete Sidewalk

Concrete is a ubiquitous building material known worldwide for its durability and success as a pedestrian surface. But what happens when years of use and exposure to the elements cause concrete to eventually fail? Businesses and homeowners have seen the dangers that cracked, missing, or uneven concrete can produce, and the liability that can follow. Fortunately, patching and repairing damaged concrete is far less painful…and expensive.

ABOCRETE™ is an extremely strong, self-leveling structural patching and resurfacing compound that creates a durable repair stronger than the original concrete. It is easy to use and produces results unrivalled by bagged cement mix or water based concrete patch. Abatron was contacted by a local business owner, frustrated that the traditional concrete patch she applied had quickly failed and hoping to discover a lasting solution. She allowed us to document the ABOCRETE repairs here, and produce an accompanying concrete repair video for our YouTube channel.

Arriving onsite, we found the walkway surrounding the business plagued by cracks, holes, uneven concrete, and evidence of several failed repairs. An ABOCRETE application would make a competent successor to these attempts. Here is how the repairs were performed.

1.  Surface preparation. Before getting started, the concrete needed to be prepared by removing any loose debris, pebbles, and dirt. Any grease or oil was thoroughly cleaned from surfaces. Foam rope was used as a backing material in cracks or pockets in the concrete.

2. Mixing ABOCRETE. The ABOCRETE was mixed inside a clean, dry bucket. Four parts of ABOCRETE Part A were combined with one part of ABOCRETE Part B. The epoxy was mixed for 2-3 minutes, to make sure the two components were completely combined. With this done, sand was slowly stirred into the ABOCRETE mixture to thicken the blend and expand product coverage. Note: Continue adding sand until you reach the desired consistency for your repair.

3. Applying ABOCRETE. ABOCRETE was poured, troweled, and spread carefully into place. It self-leveled relative to the amount of sand added to the mixture. For the smaller cracks that required precision, ABOCRETE was dispensed through a plastic applicator bottle. ABOCRETE’s working time ranges from 20 to 30 minutes. This depends largely on the ambient temperature at the application site. Rubbing alcohol can be used as a solvent to feather edges and prevent the ABOCRETE from sticking to tools.

4. Adding Color Grit™. While the ABOCRETE was still wet, a blend of Color Grit™ was immediately broadcast onto the repairs. Color Grit is a quartz sand aggregate that sets into the epoxy, creating a slip-resistant and durable finish that will hold up for years. Color Grit is available in a wide range of colors and pre-blended mixes. Color Grit was generously applied to ensure the repairs had a uniform appearance.

The ABOCRETE hardened in a few hours. Once hardened, any excess ColorGrit was swept away, and the repairs were complete. The ABOCRETE and Color Grit were easy to apply and will provide a lasting repair for the business owner. For questions about ABOCRETE for concrete repair, please call (800) 445-1754.