Rust Remover Vanquishes Unsightly Stain

Abatron isn’t widely known for cleaning products, but we have one that we love, and we think that you will too. Rust Remover makes light work of removing even the most stubborn rust stains. It reacts chemically with rust to dissolve the stains into visible salts that can be easily scrubbed or wiped away.

Some of our ductwork was in “less than pristine” condition, and we thought it would be best to stop the rust in its tracks. We were able to effectively remove all of the rust in just about 15 minutes with minimal elbow grease.

Step 1 – Lightly brush away any loose or crumbling material. We used a wire brush to prep the surface and remove the flaking. Be sure to mask off your work area with plastic and catch any of the debris that crumbles away.

Step 2 – A few quick sprays of Rust Remover.The spray clings to the rust and you can see the product doing its magic. The rust literally dissolves before your eyes. Wait about a minute for the rust remover to complete its reaction.

Step 3 – Light brush away any built-up areas and repeat the process if necessary.

Step 4 – Wipe away any residue with a damp sponge.

The results are fantastic and the work is minimal. Rust Remover works on metal, stone, brick, ceramics, fabrics and more. Add it to your toolbox and you’ll be happy you did!