Tread Spread™ Succeeds in Endurance Testing at Kenall Manufacturing

Abatron’s Tread Spread™ slip-resistant epoxy coating is extremely durable under demanding conditions. Tread Spread adds significant slip resistance to virtually any surface. It adds gritty traction and bonds tenaciously where traditional anti-slip tapes would simply wear and peel away. But how durable is Tread Spread, really?

In a recent field test, Tread Spread was applied on the shipping dock of Kenall Maufacturing in the Business Park of Kenosha. Kenall is an industry leader in LED lighting products and operates a 354,000 square foot facility which houses its manufacturing operations, shipping and receiving, and corporate offices. Frank LaForge, the shipping supervisor at Kenall, welcomed the opportunity to add some additional traction to the area around one of his docks.

     Careful surface preparation was done to ensure that Tread Spread would hold up well in this bustling environment.  The application area was marked off and then the smooth concrete was buffed with a belt sander in order to texture the surface, allowing for better adhesion of the coating.  After sanding, a stencil was created using tape, masking the exact area where Tread Spread was going to be applied.

Once the surface was ready, the application of Tread Spread was 3 simple steps:

Tread Spread was applied with a plastic putty knife and smoothed with rubbing alcohol before removing the tape.

     According to LaForge, the docks at Kenall load or unload at least one full trailer of materials every day, with each trailer consisting of around 40 pallets.  The trailers are all unloaded by forklift, meaning the Tread Spread endures at least 80 trips by a fork-lift each day, rain or shine. We decided to take a trip back to Kenall, one year later, to see how the Tread Spread was holding up.

Tread Spread after a full year of heavy fork lift traffic.

     Aside from some very minor chips in the coating, the surface of the Tread Spread remained gritty and continues to add significant slip resistance to the area.  Any blemishes could be touched up with additional Tread Spread, allowing long-lasting traction with very minor maintenance.  For more information, visit, or call 800-445-1754.