Stoop Solutions: An Incredible Transformation

Concrete is one of the toughest, most durable, low-maintenance building materials available.  Except sometimes it’s not.  Countless factors can cause concrete to crack, chip, pit, or crumble.  Depending on where the problems occur, it’s not always easy to decide how to go about making repairs to the damage.  This article shows both functional and aesthetic repairs on some of the most prevalent, and most challenging concrete issues.

This particular stoop had a combination of common problems.  Years of cracking and crumbling on the bull-nosed step edge had left unsightly gaps in the concrete. General settling had caused hairline stress cracks that spider-webbed across the entire surface.  Replacing the concrete wasn’t really an option because it would have required the removal of the attached portico.

The issues on the bull nose step were addressed with Aboweld 55-1™.  This 2-part epoxy paste allows enough working time to mix, apply and shape the paste before it begins to harden.  The sag-resistant consistency of the epoxy is perfect for the rounded edges, because it allows for the repairs to be made without the use of any forms or special tools.  Using a small amount of rubbing alcohol to shape the epoxy will help reduce the amount of finish-sanding that is needed once the product cures.


Once the repairs to the edges were made, the homeowner wanted a uniform resurfaced finish that would disguise the repairs and compliment the natural brick color of the home.  This was achieved with another epoxy application.  Abocrete™ was rolled and brushed onto the entire surface of the stoop.  The coating of Abocrete filled and bridged the hairline cracks and acted as a bonding agent for the ColorGrit™ sand that was broadcast and pressed into the wet epoxy.  The ColorGrit was purposely “over-applied” to insure a uniform appearance once the Abocrete cured and the excess Grit is removed.


Here you can see the ColorGrit being applied to the wet, beige Abocrete with a perforated pan, as well as the base coat of Abocrete being brushed on to the tread of the first step.


After allowing the Abocrete to cure, and sweeping off the excess ColorGrit, the homeowner is left with an attractive, slip-resistant, durable surface that will hold up in virtually any weather and last for years to come.  For any questions on the products used or the application process, please call us at

Photos for this article were provided by American Home Maintenance, Kewaunee, WI.