ABOGLASS – New Conference Table

For 22 years Marsha Caporaso, Abatron’s president, walked by their conference room table and pondered a change. In late August she made a bold move. She said, “I wanted to have an attractive presence for our guests, something upbeat and interesting.”  After researching several companies she reached out to Scott Buell from Against the Grain to tackle this project. Scott reclaims and reinvents furniture and home décor using recycled materials, but made a rare exception for Marsha and her conference table vision. After developing a plan, Scott set out to create a striking 12 foot x 4 foot table. A woodworker for over 25 years, Scott knew using a combination of hickory, curly maple and walnut woods would make a statement.  The table-top involved fusing together 5 slabs of wood with bowtie inlays at random intervals for visual appeal.  Scott worked with a local steel fabricator, Rovella Ornamental Iron, LLC on a custom designed base with a brushed finish.

Scott plunge routed ½ inch for the bowties into the slabs of hickory and curly maple. Then the same bowtie shape was cut out of a walnut slab.  The walnut cut out was press fitted into the spaces prepared in the hickory and maple.  After final sanding , the table was coated with  Aboglass™, a crystal clear epoxy coating. The product contains no water, solvents, or noxious odors and was applied by pouring directly onto the table. It self-levels and requires very little spreading by hand. The high-build coating is approximately 100 mil thick (1/10 inch).

Coating took approximately two hours. The result is an absolute masterpiece. The high-gloss enhances the natural beauty of the wood, giving it a deeper dimensional appearance. It provides heavy duty protection from spills, contaminants, and abrasions.  Marsha’s attempt at creating a show-stopping conference room centerpiece was a huge success.

“Scott’s craftsmanship and our product were meant to be together,” said Marsha. For more information contact Scott at (262) 764-9366 for his services and/or Abatron at (800) 445-1754.