BBQ’d Productions: Midwestern Values Served Across an Aboglass™ Bar

Few things are better than a good meal and a cold beer after a long week of work, especially when they are served to you across a beautiful bar amongst great company. At BBQ’d Productions, a high level of community and customer service are evident in everything from the food being served, to the atmosphere and the actual restaurant space itself. When it came time to construct the bar for the Lake Zurich location, owner and CEO Kris Schoenberger was looking for a showstopper – a bar that would not only be big enough to accommodate large crowds, but also compliment the mouthwatering dishes and drinks to be served atop it.


With over 17 years in the construction business and several other bar projects under their belts, Kyle Cramer and his crew at KJ Cramer Construction, LLC. were certainly up to the job. Kyle knew the bar had to reflect the high standard of excellence consistent with all BBQ’d Production’s operations and was excited to take on this large project.


After struggling with air bubbles and other imperfections when using competitor products in the past, Kyle came across ABATRON’s Aboglass™ product and has not looked back since. He knew it would be the perfect product to execute such a large job while still maintaining attention to detail and craftsmanship.  They built out the entire bar in the restaurant space before installing the large wood top and pouring on the Aboglass™ epoxy coating.

Kyle noted how convenient it was to pick up a fresh batch of product from ABATRON’s Kenosha plant and the excellent customer service he has received ever since. Our mouths are watering in anticipation of a new location from BBQ’d Productions right here in Kenosha, WI and we will be sure to share more details as they become available.

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