A Window into the Past: Historic Restoration at the 10th District Court of Appeals

The 10 th District Court of Appeals  in Denver, CO has called the Byron White Courthouse (formally The Denver Post Office Courthouse) home since the building’s construction in 1910. At that time, the building was one of the tallest around, and widely considered the most beautiful building west of the Mississippi river. The courthouse was not the first neoclassical building to be erected in Denver, but it did bring a great deal of attention to the style due to its grand scale. The building encompasses an entire city block in downtown Denver, and features 16, three-story columns at its main entrance facade. It was originally built to house the Denver post office, U.S. District Court and Court of Appeals, along with smaller government offices such as the U.S. Marshals, the Secret Service, the Internal Revenue Service, and many others.

In 1994, the General Service Administration completed a full renovation to accommodate a conversion to sole occupancy by the Court of Appeals, bring the historic building up to current code, and comply with its status as a Colorado Landmark (listed on the National Register of Historic Places). All in all, the renovation would cost upwards of $30 million.

With a price tag like that, it is no wonder that so much careful effort is put into continued restoration efforts. The most recent example of which is being overseen by the team at MW-ORCA Joint Ventures, LLC. They are currently using ABATRON’s LiquidWood® and WoodEpox® to stabilize and restore 273 of the building’s 443 windows. Having completed 11 government contracted jobs worth over $17 million in the last ten years, MW-ORCA is certainly up to the task.


ABATRON could not have been more excited to hear about the project, not only because of the historical significance of the building, but also the level of credibility it lends to our products. To be trusted and relied upon to restore a government building well over 100 years old perfectly follows the guiding principles on which ABATRON was founded 58 years ago. Restorations like this renew our faith that our architectural past will continue to thrive even as we forge on into the future.

For Colorado area contracting needs please contact the MW-ORCA office at (303)216-0420

For more information about the 10th District Court of Appeals please visit their website www.ca10.uscourts.gov

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