Customer Spotlight: Re-View

“The Complete Restoration of Historic Windows”

Restoring historic windows is a challenging and complex undertaking. It entails sash restoration, site restoration, replica creation, dismantling and re-installation of windows and much more. Becoming proficient and efficient in any one of these skills is a daunting task, but Re-View has mastered the challenges in each of these categories and now specializes in window restoration in the country’s most cherished and beloved historic sites.

The owners of Re-View, Brooks Gentleman and Todd Maxwell, identified a hole in the window industry (no pun intended) in the early 1990’s. At the time, the only companies doing window restoration were small, independent millwork shops. These organizations lacked the space and technology needed to work on larger, architecturally-driven projects.

Construction of Union Station in Kansas City

Re-View’s first major window restoration project was Union Station in Kansas City, which opened in 1914 as the 2nd largest train station in the country. At its peak, the station serviced over 675,000 passengers per year.

Coincidentally, the National Remodelers’ Show took place in Kansas City the same year as the Union Station restoration project. The owners of Re-View were introduced to Abatron’s epoxy products at the show and Abatron’s founder, John Caporaso, visited the project site to consult on the process of restoring some of the windows using LiquidWood® and WoodEpox®.

rsz_1apply_liquid_epoxy_photo   rsz_1apply_epoxy_filler

Consolidation with LiquidWood & Epoxy repairs with WoodEpox

After the project in Kansas City, Re-View quickly became known for their abilities to restore existing historic windows while also being able to manufacture new, custom windows for replicating orginal frames and sashes. Re-View can even work from old architectural plans or photographs in order to determine the most appropriate windows for a particular project.

rsz_roc_feb_4   Old_window_repair

Restoring an old-growth wood sash and detailed restoration with newly manufactured parts.

Re-View’s window expertise isn’t limited to wood sash. They also specialize in repairing and replicating steel, aluminmum and brozne windows. This diversification allows them to work on some of the most historic buildings in the country and their portfolio of projects includes a long list of state capitol buildings, train stations, museums, school buildings and historic hotels.

One of Re-View’s ongoing projects is the window restoration at the Richardson Olmsted Complex in Buffalo, New York. The complex was completed in the late 1800’s as a hospital and treatment center for mental illness. After a long period of neglect, the campus is being converted to commercial property with plans for a hotel, conference space and architectural center.

rsz_richardson-olmsted-exterior   rsz_richardson-olmsted_windows

The Richardson Olmsted Campus and Windows to be Restored On-Site.

Repairing the windows was a huge part of the restoration planning. The complex is home to over 2,000 windows, all built with old-growth hardwood and original plate glass. After careful consideration, the decision to rehab the original windows was the one that made the most sense, and in 2014 the first 600 windows were sent to Re-View’s shop in Kansas City for detailed repairs.

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