Sarco Glazing Compounds FAQ Update

Sarco’s linseed oil-based putties are a true example of getting it right the first time. Manufactured since the 1940s, Sarco stands the test of time, and its products are still the best on the market for re-glazing wood and metal framed windows. Abatron is proud to sell Sarco Dual Glaze Elastic Glazing Compound and Sarco Multi-Glaze Type M Glazing Compound. We offer different sizes for projects both big and small.

Over the years, we’ve gathered field tested tips from users and Sarco staff on the best ways to use the products. We’ve updated our FAQ with the latest information:


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the difference between Dual Glaze and TYPE M? Dual glaze can be used indoors and outdoors on both wood and metal sash. TYPE M should only be applied indoors and only on wood sash.
  2. What is the coverage? For ½” sash approximately 6 feet glazing for 1 lb. of putty.
  3. Is it advisable to prime the sash before puttying?  Yes. Regardless of whether you’re working on wood or metal sash, always prime first. Oil based primer is preferred.
  4. It is advisable to prime the putty before painting?  No. Do not prime putty.  Only use good quality paint.
  5. How long after applying the putty do I need to wait before painting?  Wait until strong enough skinning on top of glazing has formed, usually about 2-3 weeks for Dual Glaze and at least 14 days for TYPE M, depending on the temperature.  Paint within 1 month of skin formation. Dual Glaze will not skin in shop. Take outdoors after application to cure.
  6. Are there any recommendations regarding the kind of paint to use? Use any good quality acrylic-latex or oil-based paint.
  7. At what temperature can I apply the putty? It is best to apply it above freezing.  Do not apply it to damp or frosty wood. It can be applied below freezing as long as it can be worked.
  8. Can curing time be accelerated?  No. However, warmer temperatures cause faster cure.
  9. Can TYPE M be applied outdoors?  No. TYPE M hardens too quickly outdoors. Use indoors only.
  10. What is the shelf-life?   The shelf life is indefinite if stored in cool place. If separation occurs, mix by hand.  Cover unused putty in opened containers with plastic to prevent skin formation.

Download a pdf file of this FAQ on our website.