Abatron joins the Window Preservation Alliance: Standing together to save original, historic windows

“Don’t replace… repair” is the motto guiding the craftsman, contractors, architects, and enthusiasts who make up the Window Preservation Alliance. Abatron, Inc is proud to be a charter member of the organization, which focuses on educating and helping homeowners to restore their existing windows. Often, replacement windows are presented as the only option for increasing energy efficiency and reducing draftiness. Not only are they often architecturally inappropriate for historic homes, but they can also be prohibitively expensive, with prices soaring into the thousands of dollars per window.


Restoration brings back the beauty and functionality of old windows that, through age and neglect, do not work as they should. Although window restoration professionals work all over the country, this organization aims to make it easier for the consumer, connecting homeowners directly to professionals in their area.The Window Preservation Alliance supports window restoration experts’ professional growth and training. In addition, they organize the attendance of more restoration professionals at home and trade shows to be a visible alternative to the replacement window industry that usually dominates those events.As a group, we can change the conversation about windows with both consumers and professionals, educating them about the cost savings associated with restoration, as well as the environmental and functional benefits of repaired windows. Visit the Window Preservation Alliance website to learn more about their work and how to get involved.