Simple Toilet Repair With Epoxy Adhesive Saves Big Bucks

Sometimes your simple $20 repair project goes awry and nearly turns into a $200 oops. Luckily, Abatron has you covered. Recently, an Abatron staffer undertook the seemingly easy task of replacing a toilet seat. Lo and behold, a washer and nut holding the seat in place had rusted and wouldn’t unfasten. After a few love taps with a hammer, the porcelain cracked and a fairly large piece broke off. On the bright side, it knocked the hardware loose.


The toilet in question, still in need of some TLC

With some quick thinking, she grabbed some Aboweld 55-22 and set to work repairing the toilet. Aboweld 55-22 is the perfect interior or exterior adhesive when a repair requires a very strong bond. It works well on a porcelain throne in addition to virtually any rigid surface. It’s a two part epoxy compound that has a Vaseline-like consistency when mixed, good for both filling and bonding. With a pot life of 2-3 hours, you can really take your time on the repair.


Mixing the Aboweld 55-22

Once the two part epoxy adhesive was thoroughly mixed, it was applied to both the piece and the ridge in the porcelain where it broke off. She then fit the piece back where it belonged and used trusty duct tape to secure it in place while it dried.


Applying Aboweld 55-22 with a brush


Using duct tape to keep the piece in place while the Aboweld 55-22 dries

The Aboweld 55-22 dried overnight. When the duct tape was peeled away, the piece was firmly in place, fixed and finally ready for a new toilet seat. Although this repair took some unexpected twists and turns, Aboweld 55-22’s versatility saved the day and the price of a new toilet. When unexpected repairs pop up in your home, it pays to have a strong, reliable product like Aboweld 55-22 on hand.


Aboweld 55-22 is dry and the repair is complete