Rescuing Rusty Railings

In building maintenance it is often easier to make larger repairs than smaller ones which scream, “Fix me!”   Small jobs that require research are oftentimes avoided by contractors.   These eyesores detract from otherwise well-maintained buildings giving them a “not ready for prime time” appearance.

     A case in point was a rusty metal post, part of decorative handrail system, anchored into a flagstone.  After years of rusting due to ice, snow, rain, and neglect, the bottom of the post completely rusted free from the flagstone.  The handrail was wobbly and looked unreliable.

     To fix the problem, the homeowner stuffed Metalfix P, a metal-filled epoxy putty,  into the hole where the post had been, and also into about 1 inch of the bottom of the hollow post. Then, a stainless steel bolt was pressed into the bottom of the hole and maneuvered up into the inside of the post.  Now the bolt was anchored into both the hole and post.  More Metalfix P was applied around the bolt and bottom of the post to reshape its profile.  After hardening, the Metalfix P was sanded and painted, along with the rest of the handrail, with a rust-preventive paint.

This repair is holding up and looking good after several years of performance in Wisconsin’s challenging weather.