Wet Basement Repairs – Customer Testimonial

We received the following testimonial from one of our customers who needed to address some water issues in the basement of a rental property.  The message and pictures she sent tells the story.


“Thought you might like to see the project we just completed with your products.  We had a really wet basement in a rental house that had water coming from the cold joint and cracks in the floor. We installed a waterproofing system around the walls and then we tackled the floor.  Used Abojet™ to fill the cracks as they always had some water in them.  Then we coated the entire floor with Abocrete® and now we have no water.  It is running in the track to the sump pump and the rest of the floor is dry.  It is astonishing to see the transformation.  We are seniors and did all of this ourselves.  Very impressed with the Abocrete product.  Had used it before but not to this extent.  I know we saved thousands of dollars by doing this ourselves.  Thanks for the great products and the technical help when I called with questions.”


P. Merritt – Lexington, KY



Wet Basement




Concrete Crack Repairs




Coating The Basement Floor with Abocrete®




Finished Repairs




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