History Wood & Window Restoration, LLC

Sometimes a labor of love turns into a lifetime of wood and window restoration…at least that’s what happened to Paul and Wendi Birkett.  Prior to starting History Wood & Window Restoration, LLC in Odell, Illinois, Paul and Wendi purchased a 19th century Victorian home with local historic significance and in dire need of repair.  The couple began studying historic architecture and restoration methods as they began restoring their home.  After a brief disagreement on whether to restore or replace the original windows, Wendi convinced Paul that restoration was the way to go and the seed to their current business was planted.

History Wood & Window Restoration, LLC originated in 2004 and specializes in restoration of wood and steel windows, doors and other architectural features.  History offers complete restoration services from the initial conditions survey to completion of the project (including custom energy-efficient upgrades to existing windows).  Paul’s background in carpentry and construction management along with Wendi’s experience in finance, business administration and marketing was the perfect blend for this somewhat unanticipated venture.

History Wood & Window Restoration has been using Abatron’s epoxy products since day one. They attended one of our workshops to learn some of the specifics of using LiquidWood and WoodEpox to restore rotted wood and they haven’t used another product since.  They’ve tested all of the products on the market and Abatron’s were the only ones that were easy to use, and produced a reliable and consistent outcome.  They have yet to see a failure of adhesion or finish with any of Abatron’s products.

Having nearly doubled in size year after year, the company currently employs over 30 full time individuals and has converted two abandoned buildings in Odell into its company headquarters.

To date, History has completed over $5.5M worth of window restoration work, saving tons of original construction materials from winding up in landfills and preserving the craftsmanship and architectural details of historic buildings.  This includes numerous properties listed on the National Register and National Historic Landmarks across the nation, such as, The Maryland State House, Oklahoma State University, The Tippecanoe County Courthouse, etc…

History has recently been nominated for the 2013 Washington Builder’s Congress Craftsmanship Award for Excellence in the categories of windows and storefronts.  This nomination honors History’s work on restoring 128 original windows and trims on the first of five 19th century buildings at the St. Elizabeth’s Campus in Washington, DC.

Abatron couldn’t be more proud to work with such a prestigious and friendly company.

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