Dewey’s Aboglass Bar Top

Dewey’s Restaurant and Sports Bar in Racine, WI, recently received a fantastic coat of Aboglass™ on its large beautiful new bar-top.  The bar is made of an unknown species of reclaimed African red hardwood, a truly unique and beautiful wood.  The bar was set and finished by an independent contractor, and then we went on-site to install the coating.



The challenge with this project was to properly seal the seams between the slabs of wood, as well as the gaps between the adjoining borders and trim.  Failing to seal these seams would have allowed the Aboglass to drip onto the floor and create noticeable creases and gaps in the coating.  A silicone sealant was tried first, however, it shrank and did not bond.  The solution was a clear,  epoxy paste, created in-house at Abatron.  This adhesive was used because of its sag-resistance, its ease of application, and its compatibility with Aboglass.  The adhesive worked perfectly and no trace of it was visible after the Aboglass was applied.


The coating of Aboglass had to be completed in a single pour.  With the bar surface equaling around 110 square feet and the average thickness of the coating being around 75 mils.(about 1/13 of an inch), about 3.5 gallons of total resin was used to coat the bar.  This may not seem like much; however, the application process requires small batches of Aboglass to be mixed in order to avoid rapid hardening.  Half-gallon batches were mixed individually and poured in succession in a very timely manner.  A small heat torch was used to relieve any bubbles that formed due to the speed of the mixing.




The end result was a STRIKING new bar top with a clear, high-gloss, seamless, protective epoxy coating.  It was finished just in time for Dewey’s grand opening one week later.  Dewey and his patrons approve highly of the finished bar-top.




Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this or any other project.  Let us help you determine if Aboglass or any of Abatron’s other products or services might be a great fit for you.