Abatron Completes the Massive 19th Century Newel Post

                After successful production of a mold for the newel post, we cast the mold using  WoodCast. 

                This was a challenge for the mold shop, mainly because of the size combined with the intricate detail of the piece.  In addition, the original piece needed a bit of restoration.  We touched it up with WoodEpox and sealed the post with 2 coats of Primkote 8006-1.


                Once the original post was ready, we built a large case for the post in order to form up the Mastermold, poured the mold, pulled it, and then poured the casting.  The process is simple in concept and design, however once in action, it became an intense orchestra of patience, attention to detail,  materials selection, and expert craftsmanship.


                The owner was very impressed and excited with the finished product.   He commented, “It looks better than the original piece!”  He picked up both pieces yesterday, and drove them back to his historical rehab home in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  There he will install both pieces in the staircase, and finish them with paint.

                According to the owner, this replication was deemed, by his local historic preservation society, impossible to recreate by any means other than sending it off to a foreign country to have a hand-crafted replica made.  That process would have taken weeks, if not months, been extremely expensive, and could have been a logistical nightmare.

                Our solution took only a few weeks, was more affordable, and the owner was able to pick it up, in person, and drive it back to Kentucky.

                A job well done by the guys in Abatron’s Mold Shop… now on to the next project!