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Wood Restoration & Maintenance

Restore rotted wood quickly and easily! ABATRON’s wood restoration products handle virtually any wood repair problem.  Results are proven by over 30 years of unequaled performance and service.  These products are specified by preservation architects and engineers for restoration of historic buildings, and easy to use for do-it-yourself projects.

Wood Restoration Accessories

Concrete Repair

When permanent bonding and structural strength matter, ABATRON’s products meet the most demanding requirements.  Applications include patching, bonding, crack repair, resurfacing and bonding new to old concrete.

Concrete Repair Accessories

Structural Crack-Injection Systems

The Abojet crack-injection resins restore monolithic integrity to cracked concrete structural elements such as foundations.  Inject these structural epoxy compounds to fill the cracks and “weld” the concrete back together.  These products also prevent water infiltration through cracked walls and foundations.  Great for fixing wet basements!

Metal Restoration

Restoring metal, bonding and building up missing sections are easy with ABATRON’s metal-filled epoxy compounds.  The applications are practically limitless.   The products are dimensionally stable, wear and impact resistant, shrink-free, and resistant to salt, chemicals, water and solvents.  Ideal for metal windows, industrial machinery, cast iron fencing, etc…

Moldmaking Compounds

Use ABATRON’s mold making compounds to produce molds with intricate details, dimensional stability, high strength, and flexibility.   Replicate architectural elements including capitals, balusters, statuary, mouldings, and more.  Easy, quick, and safe to use.  We also feature an in-house mold making and casting shop and can create your molds and castings for you.  Contact us for an estimate.

Moldmaking Accessories


Casting Compounds

ABATRON’s casting compounds produce exceptional details.  Most are suitable for exterior exposure.  We also feature an in-house mold making and casting shop and can create your molds and castings for you.  Contact us for an estimate.

Patina Finishes

Create artistic projects or high-end decorative finishes with reactive and non-reactive metallic paints and patina aging solutions.

Plaster/Stucco Restoration

Repair loose plaster and resurface damaged plaster, creating invisible repairs.

Adhesives & Sealants

A wide selection of high-performance products.  Choose fast-hardening, flexible, or all-purpose products for structural bonding, anchoring, laminating, patching, joint sealing, and other demanding applications.

Protective Coatings

ABATRON’s coatings excel in adhesion, chemical resistance, and durability. The selections range from waterborne, solventborne, and solventless coatings for floors, walls, machinery, swimming pools, garages, tanks, bar tops, and a variety of special uses.  See our Coatings Selection Guide.

Garage Floor Coatings

Resurface, protect, and beautify your garage floor with these all-inclusive DIY floor coating kits.  Each kit contains an epoxy primer, epoxy base coat, top coat, and aggregate for a 400 square foot floor.  Contact us for custom size flooring quotes.

Porcelain Refinishing


Stone Care

Using properly formulated stone care products is essential to maintain the integrity and beauty of natural stone.  ABATRON offers a variety of stone maintenance products that protect, polish, restore, and enhance the brilliance of natural stone.

General Maintenance Products


Adhesive & Sealant Accessories


GreenGuard Certified Products

These products are third-party tested by Air Quality Sciences, Inc., a division of UL Environment, Inc., and have been found to contain virtually no VOC’s (volatile  organic compounds).  This certification demonstrates ABATRON’s commitment to producing products that are safe for the applicator and safe for the environment.

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Wood Restoration & Maintenance