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Sustainable Design Using Epoxy for Wood Repair

Instructions: If you would like a certificate of completion for having viewed this course, complete the following quiz by checking the correct answers. Fill out the information requested at the end of the quiz and click the "Submit" button to send the quiz on-line. You can also  download the quiz (58.95 Kb) and send it to Abatron, Inc. at the address and e-mail address provided below.

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1. Epoxy mixtures typically contain:

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2. Epoxy compounds address sustainable design because they:

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3. Which statement is not true:

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4. Which of the following does not contribute to wood decay:

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5. Which is not true about epoxy wood consolidants:

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6. Which statement is not true about most epoxy wood repair compounds:

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7. Which statement is not true about wood rot:

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8. Epoxy compounds do not have this characteristic:

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9. An epoxy consolidant should be applied when:

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10. When specifying epoxies for wood restoration it is desirable to:

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