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Coatings Selection Guide

The categories below are intended to assist in selecting coatings which excel in each category.
Primkote G          
Primkote 8006-1            
Abocoat 8106-5             
Abocast 8508-3          
Abocoat 8508-1            
Abocoat 8006-3            
Abocoat 8501-1           
Abothane-5 TC           
Abothane 8003-3            
Abothane 8901-4         
Acrylic 57-1            
Water-Epoxy Floor Coating System             
Garage Floor Coating System: Chip             
Garage Floor Coating System: Grit           
Kromakote 8601-1          

IM: Industrial Maintenance
CR: Chemical Resistance, Highest
WB: Waterborne
P/S: Primer/Sealer
UV: UV Resistance, Highest

CLR: Clear
GR: Graffiti Resistance
SF: Seamless Floors
SR: Slip Resistance, Highest
AR: Abrasion Resistance, Highest

G: Green Concrete
CT: Ceramic Tile Finish
T/D: Tabletop/Decoupage
E: Exterior

Garage Floor Coatings